Job opportunity: National Feral Deer Coordinator

Job opportunity: National Feral Deer Coordinator

As part of our Centre’s $10 million collaborative RD&E investment in feral/wild deer management, including $4.2 million from the Australian Government, a new job opportunity is currently on offer for a National Feral Deer Coordinator position to be based and hosted within our member organisation, Biosecurity South Australia.


The role, which is part of our Centre’s research portfolio, has a broad, national responsibility to increase the participation of landholders and communities in the control of feral deer. The Coordinator will work closely with regional land management agencies, farming groups and individual farmers to increase their awareness of feral deer impacts and to support them in their efforts to ramp up their existing feral deer control programs.

The role will also lead the development of a National Feral Deer Action Plan by engaging with relevant stakeholder groups, akin to already successful models such as the National Wild Dog Action Plan.

Through this work the Coordinator will work with relevant stakeholders to assimilate data on feral deer abundance and to promote best practice community-based control of feral deer.

The National Feral Deer Control Coordinator will use tailored events to engage with groups of farmers in partnership with staff from regional land management agencies and farming groups. Engagement activities will include a focus on the benefits of undertaking feral deer control programs in partnership with neighbouring farmers.

The National Feral Deer Control Coordinator will work alongside rabbit, wild dog and weeds coordinators, all of whose activities have been adapted from the foundational work of the National Wild Dog Facilitator and the Victorian Rabbit Action Network.

The National Feral Deer Coordinator is responsible for providing strategic advice to regional land management agencies relating to the control of feral deer, and will mentor and develop community group leaders and deer control managers.

The National Feral Deer Coordinator will be required to build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including private landholders and industry. The role will be required to collaborate with boards and agencies that are operating interstate to ensure a consistent, national and cohesive approach to controlling feral deer, particularly where focus areas straddle state boundaries.

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To apply for the position head to –

This position is funded through the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions thanks to investment from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.

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