Cost of weeds – economic impact assessment


The last economic impact assessment to the costs of weeds was undertaken in 2009, this project was to review the current costs of weeds to Australia and summarise the findings in a report.




The project objective is to undertake a rapid review of available literature on the costs of weeds to the various sectors of Australian society, including where readily attainable within the life of this study:

  • the financial costs of control and lost production in agriculture,
  • the loss of welfare in agriculture,
  • the expenditures to control weeds in natural environments,
  • the financial costs of control to government agencies that administer public land of various kinds and
  • the financial costs of other public authorities to investment in weeds R&D etc, and the costs of weed control on Indigenous lands.

Project Leader

Project Team

Dr Ross McLeod, eSYS Development Pty Ltd

Project Partners
  • eSYS Development Pty Ltd

The project received funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment


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