HogGone Australia


The HogGone project has been ongoing since 2005 through the Invasive Animals CRC, Animal Control Technologies Australia and Meat and Livestock Australia.

During this time, the project has been developing formulations of sodium nitrite and a new bait (HOGGONE) for feral pig control so that additional tools are available in the future for the ever expanding number of feral pigs in Australia.

Sister projects to this effort in Australia are the registration of HOGGONE in NZ (led by Connovation) and in the USA (led by the USDA National Wildlife Research Center, NWRC) for wild hog control.

This project will finalise the HogGone research trials undertaken through the Invasive Animals CRC which will add considerable strength to regulatory applications.




  • Finalise and analyse field trial testing of HogGone baits
  • Prepare and submit registration package to APVMA for review

Project Leader

Dr Simon Humphrys
Project Team
  • Professor Linton Staples, ACTA
  • Jason Wishart, ACTA
  • Cameron Allan, MLA
Project Partners
  • Animal Control Technologies Australia Pty Ltd (ACTA) (commercialisation partner)
  • Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) (funding agency)
  • Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (funding agency)


  • All Australian HogGone(R)  field trials have been undertaken as part of this project and all previously funded trials have been finalised
  • A HogGone(R) AVPMA registration package has been submitted by Animal Control Technologies Australia Pty Ltd and was approved in December 2019
  • HogGone(R) is now available for purchase as a new feral pig toxin through ACTA – https://animalcontrol.com.au/products/hoggone