Remembering a time BC – before carp


With a major investment in carp control by the Australian Government, it is an opportune time to enhance public awareness of the issue and create a social licence to operate.

While it is easily assumed that everyone knows that European carp are a problem for our waterways, there can still be opposition against their control due to a lack of understanding regarding what their current impact is, what our waterways used to be like prior to Carp establishing and what will be the impact if we do nothing.

There is an urgent need to enhance the public awareness and understanding of what our waterways could be if carp were better controlled and what our waterways were like prior to carp.

This project collected a series of short stories from Australians who remember what life was like BC or before carp.




This project had three main objectives:

1. Awareness raising around the issue of carp and the need for carp control
2. Enhancing traffic to the NCCP website through the creation of a blog series
3. Enhancing traffic to the NCCP Facebook page through the use of compelling and fresh stories

Project Leader

Dr Ian McDonald
Project Team
  • Ian McDonald, CISS
  • John Thistleton, freelance writer
Project Partners
  • Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)

This project was funded through the Australian Government’s National Carp Control Plan funding initiative.


The project has delivered a series of 12 short stories from Australians who remember a life before carp (the stories include a blog, a video and an image). These will be released through the National Carp Control Plan over time.

The final project report was published here