Mt Hope Malleefowl Recovery


Malleefowl have declined since European settlement as a result of habitat change and through predation by, and competition with,  invasive animals. As a result it is listed as endangered in NSW. A breeding population exists around the Mount Hope area in NSW, where habitat has not been disrupted however that population is at threat of predation by invasive predators.

This project will build on previous work to refine and implement a long-term best practice pest animal management program by working collaboratively with local land holders and neighbouring National Parks to maintain or, preferably, recover the Malleefowl population in the region.  




  • Improve community awareness, understanding and capacity with respect to pest animal management
  • Implement best practice pest animal management to maintain and/or recover Malleefowl populations and improve agricultural productivity
  • Monitor evaluate and report to permit continuous management program improvement
  • Explore research opportunities to clarify invasive animal impacts on Malleefowl populations and to enhance management efficiency.

Project Leader

Dr Tony Buckmaster
Project Team

This project is supported by a number of landholders in the Mt Hope region of NSW

Project Partners

This project is funded through an external research grant separate to the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions current innovation portfolio

  • NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH)
  • NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS)
  • Mt Hope Pest Management Group
  • Private landholders