National registration of a feral cat bait


This project will significantly progress the national registration of a bait to allow use of the broad-scale tool for the management of feral cats across Australia.

It is difficult for land managers to manage the impacts of feral cats because there are no nationally registered, broad-scale tools. Shooting and trapping are time-intensive, and only effective at small scales. Exclusion fencing is expensive, and cost-prohibitive for most land managers.

This bait is currently registered for use in Western Australia and it has been used in other states under permits from the APVMA and state agencies. These permits are time consuming to complete, and so outside of WA, the bait is only used to control cats in well-funded private or public conservation reserves. As such, this project seeks to significantly progress the APVMA registration of the bait for use across Australia, providing a broad-scale tool to control feral cats.




This project will collate available data, and collect new priority data, on bait efficacy and non-target risks to significantly progress the national registration of the bait with APVMA.

Project Leader

Dr Brad Page (Incursions Domain)
Project Team
  • Brad Page
  • Myall Tarran
  • Corrin Everitt
Project Partners
  • Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA)
  • South Australian Department of Environment and Water
  • Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions

The project receives funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment


February 2021 update:

The project has submitted efficacy and environmental assessment documents to the APVMA for a pre-registration technical assessment, following a lack of further required field studies. Currently feedback from the APVMA is being awaited so that it may be incorporated into the final registration package, which will include a draft of the new national bait label and directions for use and, a draft of a Standard Operating Procedure.