Preparing for Reset Landscape-scale Predator Management


This Prep4Reset project provides the essential framework for a multi-partner predator management project called “Reset, Rebuild, Restore: resetting the landscape to rebuild livestock production and restore biodiversity and communities” (Full Reset). The Full Reset project will reset the landscape to one of lower wild dog and fox impacts upon fauna, livestock and society. 

Prep4Reset will synthesise research and collect before-control predator, faunal and livestock impact data to enable the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Full Reset project. Prep4Reset also funds crucial networking to generate financial and time co-investment from multiple stakeholders in the Full Reset project. This facilitates the economic and environmental benefits that only integrated landscape-scale management can provide. 


Under development


  • Expanded fauna measurement regime around the base 6 sites . 
  • Collated data of extensive wild canid management and response . 
  • Expanded stakeholder network for applied predator control on public and private lands. 
  • Database of necessary predator, livestock and native prey abundance.  
  • Commitments for co-investment to institute Reset through networking and relationship building and maintenance. 
  • A potential platform for other projects.

Project Leader

Dr Paul Meek
Project Team
  • Dr Paul Meek, Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, NSW DPI
  • Dr Peter Fleming, Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, NSW DPI
  • Dr Guy Ballard, Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, NSW DPI
Project Partners
  • New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI)
  • New South Wales Local Land Services (NSW LLS)
  • Australian Wool Innovation (AWI)
  • Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)
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