Upgrade and re-development of the PestSmart digital platform


The existing PestSmart toolkit distils 12 years of research on best practice pest animal management, and offers a central resource library and repository of information. A major aspect of this toolkit is the PestSmart Connect website launched in March 2015. 

PestSmart is a proven and valued tool. The platform is becoming well known and utilised as a digital resource for land managers wanting to learn more about pest animal management.  

Our Centre now has a number of digital tools now developed including FeralScan, the Invasives Action Tool and species-specific Decision Support Systems and this project is about integrating all these resources to create a one-stop shop for invasive species management information in one place and to link out to other useful digital resources. As part of this project we are also aiming to incorporate weeds management information so it encompasses both invasive plants and animals.  


In progress


The aim of this project is to ensure that invasive species best practice information is easily and readily available to our end-users and can be shared through our partner and member organisations, so they can be confident they are sharing information which is factual, correct and relevant to their stakeholders. 

It includes the following objectives to: 

  1. Undertake a review of current and future digital biosecurity and invasive species tools to ensure collaboration, coordination and investment in an innovative product that is not in direct competition with already existing programs. 
  2. Develop a robust and end-user driven digital resource tailored to the objectives of our partner and member organisations. 
  3. Provide purpose-built and engaging PestSmart and Weed toolkits and resources for best practice management planning, coordination and monitoring via digital and printed means. 
  4. Ensure integration of invasive species data (where possible) across platforms such as FeralScan and independent programs to enable a one-stop shop for invasive species information. 
  5. Undertake monitoring and evaluation of the digital assets to assess the impact of awareness and knowledge in the sector. 

Project Leader

Dr Ian McDonald
Project Team
  • Ian McDonald, Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
  • Yvette Cazabon, Centre for Invasive Species Solutions
  • Rachel Melland, Rachel Melland Consulting
  • Peter West, NSW Department of Primary Industries
Project Partners

All our members, partners and key stakeholders will provide input into this project and website re-development through consultation and workshops.

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