About CISS

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (CISS) is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation formed to address the impact of invasive plants and animals across Australia.

We work with Australia’s leading researchers and innovators to address the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ that pest animals and introduced weeds cause to Australia’s environment, threatened species and primary production. Our work encompasses research, development and community engagement.

Our success is underpinned by collaboration. Collaboration with scientists, governments, universities and peak industry, environmental and NRM group.

We began in 2005 as a Cooperative Research Centre and have since expanded to address invasive weeds, diseases and pest animals. CISS also supports community action on invasive species through a network of national coordinators.

Our operations are primarily funded and supported by cash and in-kind contributions from state governments, the ACT Government, Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and industry Research and Development Corporations. Other CISS members and partners are also a significant source of revenue (both cash and in-kind).

Additionally, Her Excellency Linda Hurley launched the Invasive Species Solutions Trust in December 2021. Over time the Trust will provide a philanthropic revenue stream to further support our work.

We are proudly apolitical, nonpartisan and not-for-profit. We value boldness, strong ethics and trustworthiness, and work in ways that are transformative and collaborative.

Our Strategic Focus, 2022‒2027

  1. Leveraging, leading and amplifying invasive species outcomes through strategic collaborations
  2. Advancing large-scale coordination and breakthroughs by designing integrated solutions that encompass research, innovation and community engagement
  3. Building communities of impact by accelerating their capability and adoption of best management practices.
  4. Striving for greater organisational efficiency and effectiveness through strong internal governance, operations, and financial management, purposeful communication and skilled staff.

For more information on CISS and our work, download CREATING A FUTURE FREE OF PLAGUES AND PREDATORS.


The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions is governed by an independent skills-based board and managed by a core team of staff based in our head office. We have a number of world class research leaders who lead our innovation portfolio.

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