Heather Barnes lays carrots laced with RHDV1-K5 — the first rabbit biocontrol agent released in 20 years — in Western Australia's Cape Range National Park for the Department of Parks and Wildlife in 2017.


The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions creates solutions to managing invasive species.

We work with Australia’s leading researchers to understand the benefits of managing invasive species and the impacts they have on our environment, native animals and primary production.

We develop new solutions to improve detection and surveillance, inform the response of authorities to new incursions, and control pest animals.

We develop research pipelines that support the creation of new genetic technologies and new biocontrol technologies.

We translate invasive species science into practical solutions and make them available through a suite of interconnected platforms and apps.

And we support the adoption of best practices, tools and technologies by hosting the National Wild Dog Management Coordinator and the National Feral Cat and Fox Management Coordinator.

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