This section is currently under development. It will consist of innovation projects which support the protection of Australia's economy, environment and social amenity from the impacts of new pest animals (and plants in future portfolios) through a national incursion management system, development of new detection techniques, and enhanced biosecurity.
Pest Animals
This section highlights projects which are currently underway to provide optimal cost-effect pest animal management through new and improved tools, along with an improved understanding of proven large-scale integrated management strategies. All projects currently listed in this section are funded through an external research grant separate to the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions current innovation portfolio. More projects will be announced in coming months.
A weeds research strategy is currently under development. If you are interested in learning more, please email us through our contact form.
Community Engagement
This section is currently under development. It will consist of projects which support the improvement of human and institutional aspects of pest animal and plant management, through engagement in science and evidence-based-on-ground responses. Two projects are currently listed.
Our education program is currently under development.


Below are the centre’s current innovation and research projects, you can also filter projects by category.

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