Canid Pest Ejectors containing 1080 capsules

Canid Pest Ejectors are a stationery device that deliver liquid 1080 when a wild dog or fox bites or pulls on the bait head. Known as CPEs they are considered safe for most non-target species because a certain pull force is required to activate them.

After research, development and efficacy testing in Australia through the Invasive Animals CRC partnership, Animal Control Technologies Australia (ACTA) has registered with the APVMA, 1080 capsules for use in canid pest ejectors for wild dog and fox control.

It is also hoped that ACTA will be able to soon register capsules containing the PAPP toxin.

CPEs are available to purchase through registered suppliers.

Rob Hunt is a Senior Pest Officer with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. In this training video, Rob describes and demonstrates the Canid Pest Ejector for wild dog and fox control in Australia. Explaining how the CPE works, the associated bait types, how and where to set the CPE, and basic maintenance.