Self euthanasia of wild dogs and foxes in foothold traps using a PAPP paste (PAPPutty)

PAPPutty, also known as a Lethal Trap Device, has been developed to enable the self-euthanasia of wild dogs and foxes captured in foothold traps.

PAPPutty is formulated using para-aminopropiophenone (PAPP) as a paste that can be applied to cloth wraps on foothold traps.

It was developed in collaboration with NSW DPI, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Connovation in New Zealand, and Animal Control Technologies Australia.

The paste is applied via cloth wraps on one jaw of a foothold trap. Wild dogs and foxes have a tendency to bite at the trap once they are captured which puts them in contact with the PAPPutty cloths on the trap jaw.

Dr Paul Meek from NSW DPI conducted large field trials to test PAPPutty. These trials showed that PAPPutty wrapped in cloth attached to the trap jaw resulted in over 85% of captured dogs accessing the toxin and dying. Access the paper.

In the training video below, Dr Meek explains the use and safety precautions for PAPPutty. In the video, he demonstrates how to apply the product to the lazy jaw of a trap using a cloth. PAPPutty can be applied to either the active or lazy jaw of the trap, but not both jaws on the same trap.

As of 31 January 2024, there is no nationally agreed Standard Operating Procedure for use of PAPPutty. The APVMA label sets out the directions for use.

PAPPutty is manufactured and distributed in Australia by Animal Control Technologies Australia. Click through for product and usage information.

A veterinarian-only antidote is available to treat domestic dogs which have accidentally ingested PAPP products. If you believe your domestic dog has ingested PAPP, seek immediate veterinarian care and direct your vet to the Australian Veterinary Association clinical factsheet.