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You can help protect Australia’s environment from invasive species.


Support our world-class programs to develop and deliver evidence-based invasive species solutions.

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Genetic Biocontrol introduction: Stop Global Extinction

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You, your organisation, and your community can play an important role in supporting these world-class and collaborative research, development, and engagement programs.

Your support will help us develop and deliver evidence-based solutions that target our most urgent biosecurity needs, both nationally and at a community level. We invite you to help us deliver lasting improvements for our native species, our agricultural systems, and our natural environment.

Corporations may also seek to partner with us in important ways to leverage outcomes that align with protecting Australia’s native species, agriculture, and environment.

Together we can turn back the invasive species tide. Act now to free Australia from invasive species by 2050.


Invasive species are impacting the Australian environment and our agriculture.
Since the 1960s they have played a significant role in nearly all extinctions in Australia and have contributed to the extinction of 64 native species.

On top of the devastating environmental toll, feral animals and invasive weeds have had an enormous financial impact. In the last 50 years, they have cost Australia $390 billion.

The Centre has reduced the threat from existing invasive species and through biosecurity is keeping out new threats. We are using new biocontrol agents, new humane toxins, and investing in 21st-Century solutions like genetic biocontrol.

Please join us as we fight to protect our environment and native animals.

Leave a gift in your will

It is easy to leave a gift to protect our environment, our native species and agriculture in your will. If you have already written your will, you can also add a codicil to an existing will as a way of leaving a gift. We strongly recommend that you talk with your family and seek independent legal advice to work with you on the process.

If you wish to create a legacy by leaving a gift of this kind, please contact us on +612 6201 2887 or so that we understand your intentions. Our legal team can work with your advisers to ensure that your wishes can be fulfilled.

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Working together is baked into the DNA of the Centre for Invasive Species. The Centre has strong collaborations with governments, universities and associations as members and partners. There is a unique opportunity for corporate partnerships to be created with existing and developing programs of the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions. This is a great way of showing your customers and staff your commitment to making a real difference to the Australian environment.

We appreciate that every company is unique, with different objectives, different budgets, and different goals. With this in mind, we are very happy to work with you and create a tailored sponsorship package that best fits your organisational brand and culture.

Thank you for sharing our passion to restore and protect Australia’s natural environments.