The power of ‘management knowledge’ brings back native animals

The power of ‘management knowledge’ brings back native animals

We love these sorts of stories, and thanks to one of our Facebook followers who recently shared his successful pest animal management experience with us, after using our digital management resources.

Mic is a semi professional vertebrate predator trapper who works in the D’Aguilar Ranges Northwest of Brisbane.

Mic messaged us via Facebook to let us know how our PestSmart resources and publications and FeralScan app have helped him successfully trap, shoot and remove a number of feral predator species in his area.

Since removing the feral predators from his property he wanted to let us (and of course our followers know) of some of the smaller rarer native species he is now spotting on remote camera coming back onto his property and in to the region, including wallabies, which he hadn’t seen for a long time.

“I want others to see the value in undertaking management as a way of supporting native wildlife come back to the region,” Mic said a Facebook message.

Mic is now undertaking a Certificate 3 in Rural and Environmental Management – Pest Animal Controller, and once certified said he will also be investing in some ejector sets to use as part of his management program, and will be working with other neighbours in his region to undertake coordinated baiting and trapping programs, if any problem animals remain.

Mic is a great example of showcasing the value of an integrated approach to predator management showcasing a successful result, and we are super pleased to hear that our resources are helping support his local management plans.

If you have a similar story to share please feel free to message us via Facebook or email us at

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