Status: Completed

Start date: 1 January 2020

Completion date: 15 May 2022

Project code: P01-T-004

Species: Feral cats

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Feral cats have contributed to numerous extinctions of native wildlife in Australia, and baits are an important part of the suite of control options for land managers. However, one bait is currently only registered for use within WA.
To extend the registration of the WA government–owned Eradicat™ bait beyond Western Australia to South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, the project team collated available data and collected new priority data on how effective the bait is, and how risky the bait is to non-target animals. This work progressed the national registration of the bait with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Key achievements


  • Application lodged with AVPMA to extend the WA government-owned Eradicat™ feral cat bait beyond WA to SA, NT and Qld.


  • New tool in the development pipeline for control of feral cats.


  • Reduced impact costs of feral cats through future adoption of a nationally registered bait (EradiCat™) to manage feral cats in WA to SA, NT and Qld.
  • Reduced environmental impacts on native fauna from predation by feral cats through improved feral cat management.

Project team

Dr Brad Page

Project Lead

Myall Tarran

Corrin Everitt

Project partners

The project received funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF).

Project updates

February 2021

The project has submitted efficacy and environmental assessment documents to the APVMA for a pre-registration technical assessment, following a lack of further required field studies. Currently feedback from the APVMA is being awaited so that it may be incorporated into the final registration package, which will include a draft of the new national bait label and directions for use and, a draft of a Standard Operating Procedure.