FeralScan workshop

FeralScan workshop with landholders from Shannon’s Flat

Image by Thomas Ross

Communities around Australia have continued to show great enthusiasm for FeralScan, a free digital resource that puts pest animal monitoring and mapping technology into their hands.

Over the past year more than one hundred FeralScan workshops have showcased the pest animal recording and management tool to local communities.

Each workshop demonstrated how land managers can use FeralScan to suit their needs, explained the range of practical pest management resources available from the PestSmart digital hub, outlined effective pest control methods and how to make best use of new technologies, and enabled people attending to connect with local groups and organisations.

The uptake and use of FeralScan in the past year by over 550 registered groups and more than 34,000 Australians saw 45,000 new pest animal records added to the platform, with live maps for wild dogs, deer, rabbits, cats, foxes and many other pest animals readily available to land managers across Australia.

FeralScan has been in use for more than 10 years, with over 260,000 pest animal records and 32,000 photographs uploaded, to inform the decision-making for hundreds of local and regional pest animal control programs.

For more information visit the FeralScan website and the PestSmart digital hub.

And to request a community workshop or training for your organisation, send Peter West an email,