National registration of a new feral cat bait is progressing

National registration of a new feral cat bait is progressing

With feral cats a major driver of wildlife extinction in Australia, the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions is one step closer to ensuring another tool becomes available in the feral cat management toolbox. 

The project, led by Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Western Australiaand South Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) and Department of Environment and Water (DEW) through the Centre for Invasive Species Solutionsis aiming to nationally register a feral cat bait known as Eradicat via the APVMA 

The manufactured bait, which contains the toxin sodium fluoroacetate, is currently registered for use in Western Australia and has been used in other states under special permits from the APVMA and state agencies.  

It would complement other feral cat management tools such as the Curiosity (PAPP-based) bait and more traditional methods such as trapping and shooting. 

Leading the project, Dr Brad PagePIRSA Principal Biosecurity Officer – Pest Animals, said there is real value in having another nationally registered toxic bait. 

“Feral cats spread diseases, which impact sheep and cattle, and cats kill native wildlife, so having a new toxic bait product would mean we can really start to tackle feral cats with a variety of control options and protect our biodiversity. 

The project has just submitted package of efficacy and environmental data to the APVMA for technical assessment, and this review process will now take about nine months to complete. 

This technical assessment will provide us with definitive feedback on the data and provide advice on any operational or legislative requirements required to register the bait,” Dr Page said. 

Once the technical review has been completed and, on the basis that no further research is required, the team will then submit the full application package for national registration. 

While being some time away from being available for use commercially outside of WA, it is certainly progressing very well, Dr Page said.

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